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Abstract artist Karen Buscemi stands next to her painting "Charlie Says Hi".

artist statement

My name is Karen Buscemi and I am an abstract artist who likes to listen to British punk rock when I paint. 


What I paint is whatever I am feeling when I am in front of the canvas. if I push for an idea, what comes out isn't authentic. But if I just start – and trust the moment – something magical eventually appears, and once that happens, it's practically automatic. 


My medium is predominantly acrylics, but I often add ink, charcoal and/or collage if I’m feeling it. I love incorporating texture and unexpected flourishes that add more depth and interest.


Making art is emotionally draining for me because I throw my entire being into it, especially if I'm experiencing difficult feelings at the time, which often are the result of current events that I find disheartening. It's a form of soul cleansing that I can’t obtain anywhere else. 

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