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Acrylic and ink on 48"x36" gallery-wrapped canvas.


On the last day of painting this piece, my intention was to go in and add another layer on top of the background. I thought I might spend maybe 10 or 15 minutes on this endeavor. Instead, this tornado whipped around me, and I started painting with such fervor, that I got black paint everywhere, where I'm usually a relatively tidy painter. I was covered. The floor was covered. My art table was covered. I just moved. Couldn't stop. It was exhausting and all encompassing. And then it was finished. I poured everything out of me into this painting. This is what I believe every painting should feel like. It shouldn't be planned out or sketched, at least for abstract art. The more it comes from within you, the better it comes out of you.

It's Here 48"x36"

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